Using the Automate commands (Photoshop)

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The Automate commands simplify complex tasks by combining them into one or more dialog boxes. Photoshop includes the following commands (third-party companies may provide additional commands):

• Conditional Mode Change changes the color mode of an image to the mode you specify, based on the original mode of the image. Record this command in an action to ensure that images use the correct color mode and avoid generating unwanted error messages.

• Contact Sheet produces a series of thumbnail previews on a single sheet from the files in the selected folder. (See "Creating contact sheets" on page 464.)

• Fit Image fits the current image to the width and height you specify, without changing its aspect ratio.

Note: This will resample the image, changing the amount of data in the image.

• Multi-Page PDF to PSD converts each page of a PDF document you select to a separate Photoshop file. (See "Opening and importing PDF files" on page 74.)

• Picture Package places multiple copies of a source image on a single page, similar to the photo packages traditionally sold by portrait studios. (See "Creating picture packages" on page 464.)

• Web Photo Gallery generates a Web site from a set of images—complete with a thumbnails index page, individual JPEG image pages, and navigable links. (See "Creating Web photo galleries (Photoshop)" on page 390.)

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