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From file management to workspace controls to editing multiple steps at one time— Photoshop gives you the tools you need to keep the work on track and bring it in on deadline.

File Browser Quickly inspect images before opening them in Photoshop. The easy-to-view File Browser displays thumbnails and metadata such as date modified, dimensions, and EXIF information from your digital camera. You can also use the File Browser to sort files and manage folders. See "Using the File Browser (Photoshop)" on page 78.

Layers With layers, you can work on one element without disturbing others. To rearrange elements, simply shift the order in the Layers palette. You can lock layers to prevent accidental changes, hide them to get a clear view of the element you're working on, and link layers to move them as a group. The Layers palette also makes it easy to apply instant, editable effects including blending modes, adjustment layers, and layer effects. See "Using the Layers palette" on page 284.

Options bar The tool options bar gives you instant access to different settings for the tool you're using. You can also customize any tool and save the customized version to use again. See "Using the tool options bar" on page 26 and "Using tool presets (Photoshop)" on page 27.

History palette Undo or redo multiple steps with the History palette. Or store a snapshot—a temporary copy of the image—in the palette, and continue experimenting. If you don't like the results, simply return to the snapshot. You can also create multiple snapshots, capturing different effects, to compare them easily. See "Using the History palette" on page 39 and "Making a snapshot of an image (Photoshop)" on page 40.

Customizable workspace Personalize your Photoshop desktop by arranging a layout of palettes and saving the arrangement as a workspace. Or create task-specific workspaces— one to provide easy access to painting tools, for example, and another for photo retouching. See "Customizing your workspace" on page 29.

Context-sensitive menus Get instant access to commands relevant to the active tool, palette, or selection by right-clicking (Windows) or Control-clicking (Mac OS). See "Using context menus" on page 33.

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