50 Techniques

All the techniques from the book, including code listings and samples, are on the CD in the folder named "Techniques."

■ Over 50 full-sized, original "before" photos for completing each of the fifty step-by-step techniques and 50 "after" images showing the final results.

Most of the "before" images are digital photos created with professional digital SLR cameras and quality lenses. A few images are made with high-end film scanners. The "after" images are compressed JPEG files so that all the images, plus the Photoshop 7.0 trial software, can fit on a single CD-ROM.

■ Internet browser-based slide show featuring "before" and "after" images. To run the show, use Windows Explorer to locate the folder /show. Double-click index.htm to run the slide show in your Internet browser. You can view this slide show online at www.reallyusefulpage.com/50ps7/show.

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