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Bald Eagle Canon EOS D30 digital camera, 300mm f/2.8 IS, ISO 800, f/14.0 @ 1/100, 16-bit RAW setting, 1440 x 2160 pixels converted to 18.7MB 16-bit .tif

In the previous technique, you looked at how you can rapidly make corrections to one or more images — with speed of editing being the driving force behind tool selection and editing process. In this technique, we take all steps necessary to make the bald eagle photo look as good as possible regardless of how long it takes. As you may expect, this editing process takes much longer and requires some skill and knowledge about several of the more advanced features of Photoshop 7.

As this is a 16-bits per channel digital photo, my recommendation is that you edit this image once in 8-bits per channel mode and then edit it again (without adjustment layers) in 16-bits per channel mode. You have benefits and drawbacks to both approaches and learning about them is worthwhile if you have the option of using 16-bits per channel images. If you are good with the Photoshop 7 editing tools, you can get a better image when taking advantage of the wider tonal range found in the 16-bits per channel image — but, you must get your settings correct the first time.

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