Each time I write a new book, I fully recognize the growing number of people that have substantially helped me in one way or another to learn more about the topics that I write about and to write about them in better ways. For this book, special thanks to:

Readers of my books, attendees of my workshops, students, and subscribers to my e-mail group who have contributed to my understanding of what topics need to be included and how they should be presented — an understanding that is essential for writing books that help readers and provide the value they should.

The many contributors of specific techniques and photographs that added considerable "genetic diversity" to this book. These contributors include: Peter Balazsy, Phil Bard, John Brownlow, Michael Chambers, Scott Dingman, Bobbi Doyle-Maher, Lewis Kemper, Tammy Kennedy, Chris Maher Marc Mclntyre, Alan Scharf, and Jimmy Williams.

The entire Wiley team, who helped to turn the 50 techniques in my head into a book that I hope will become invaluable to photographers of all skill levels. Key people on the team include: Mike Roney, the Acquisition Editor who acquired this book and the one before it and helped to make them the start of a valuable new book series. Amanda Peterson for her excellent work as Permissions Editor. Marc Pawliger and Dennis Short, technical editors, for making sure each and every technique works as expected. Jerelind Charles for her copy editing.

Carole McClendon — book agent par excellence.

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