Companion Web Site

A companion Web site has been created especially for this book at: What is on the site?

■ Updates and corrections to this book

■ Readers' Photo Gallery - View the work of other readers and share your best work too! If you have created an outstanding image that you would like to share with others, please e-mail a .jpg file version to [email protected] Make sure that the images that you e-mail fit within a 640 x 640 pixel space and that together they are under 75KB. Future editions of this book may contain images submitted to this gallery. Permission will be requested and credit will be given to those who submit images.

■ A really useful list of online photography and image-editing resources, including Photoshop plug-ins

■ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for getting answers to common questions

■ Recommended book reading list to further your skills

■ List of online galleries that you might like to visit

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