Converting Color To B&W Using Convert To B&W PRO

© 2002 Gregory Georges

© 2002 Gregory Georges


© 2002 Gregory Georges


© 2002 Gregory Georges


Purple Iris Canon EOS D30 digital camera mounted on a tripod, f/2.8 100mm macro, ISO 100, RAW setting, 1/. @ f/14, 2160 x 1440 pixels, edited and converted to 8.9MB .tif

In Technique 14, four different approaches to converting a color image to a black and white image were discussed. In each case, only Photoshop 7 filters and commands were used to make the conversions. While one or more of these approaches can be used on any image to make a wonderful black and white image, finding the optimal settings to get the image you want takes time and considerable experimentation — and comparing one setting to another is difficult.

In contrast, several Photoshop 7 plug-ins have been specifically designed for converting color to black and white; they not only make it easier to compare different settings, but some of them even mimic the processes of conventional black and white photography. One of my very favorite plug-ins is The Imaging Factory's Convert to B&W Pro plug-in.

To learn more about Convert to B&W Pro and to get a free downloadable trial version, visit or www.really\50ps7\plug-ins.htm to get a clickable link to The Imaging Factory Web page and read any notes and updates about this and many other Photoshop 7 compatible plug-ins.

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