Creating A Toned Image

©2002 Scott Dinghan


©2002 Scott Dinghan



Boys Playing Leapfrog

Contax 645 AS, 120mm Macro f/4.0, Kodak Plus-X, 4 different images have been digitally combined, film was scanned with an Isomet 455 scanner, image reduced to 1920 x 2400 pixels, 13.2MB .tif

© 2002 Scott Dinghan


Figure 25.2 shows a second example of Scott Dingman's photography, which has been digitally altered with Photoshop by Tammy Kennedy, a digital imaging freelancer. To learn more about Scott and Tammy read their profiles, which are at the end of Technique 20. This image showing two boys playing leapfrog was made from four separate images; one of the boys, one for the sky, and one for each of the trees or bushes on either side of the image.

When viewing this image and others in Scott's portfolio, you become aware of a very distinct and captivating style. He is excellent at capturing his subject's personality and presenting it in a photograph. Most of his images have been shot or digitally edited to draw the viewer in toward the subject. To create consistency between many of his black and white photos in his portfolio, he tones them with his own customized duotone. In this technique, you read how Scott tones many of his black and white portfolio images.

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