Trick Photography And Special Effects

Trick Photography and Special Effects

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any classic photographic effects can be reproduced or simulated by using new digital tools, such as Photoshop 7. With good techniques, the intent of the original classic photographic effects can be taken even further and doing them digitally often allows more variations, or control over the effect. In this chapter, you find out how to digitally hand-color a black and white image without all the mess and fuss of using photographic paints. Technique 21 shows how you can create a pseduosolarization—you may have to read it to learn what it is. Next, you discover how to apply digital texture screen effects to a digital image, such as the screen effects that were used by William Mortensen in the 1920s and 30s. If you did not use a graduated neutral density filter when it was needed when you shot a photograph, you learn a digital technique that may still be able to improve your image. Technique 24 shows how to digitally simulate an infrared film effect, and the last technique shows how you can tone a black and white image.

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