Large Images options (Web Photo Gallery), 304 large print, increasing image size for, 279-282 Lasso tool, 120, 124 launching Adobe Gamma, 44-45 ImageReady, 20 layer. See also specific layers creating, 32

creating for each color, 144-145 duplicating, 96 overlapping, 124 turning on and off, 181 layer mask advantages of, 173 combining two images using, 178 creating, 220-221

painting, 72-73, 93-94, 178-179, 221 painting with black, 137 Layer^Add Layer Mask^Hide All, 86 Layer^Add Layer Mask^Reveal All, 136-137 Layer^Duplicate Layer, 32 Layer^Flatten Image, 26, 174 Layer^Merge Down (Ctrl+E), 36 Layer^New Adjustment Layer^Hue/Saturation, 80 Layer^New Adjustment Layer^Levels, 40-41 Layer^New^Layer from Background, 32 Layer^New^Layer (Shift+Ctrl+N), 206 Layer^New^Layer via Copy (Ctrl+J), 190

Layers palette activating layer, 73 Add Layer Mask button, 137 animation, creating, 309-310 Blend mode, 33

collage mask, creating, 184-185 Hide Layer icon, 33 layer, painting, 206 layer mask, creating, 173 Menu button, 128 organizing, 145 Paint Layer layer, 207 "pen and ink" sketch, 214 Leave History States option (Preferences General dialog box), 6 Leben, Mitch, 286 Levels dialog box, 40-41, 67, 70-71 library of presets, resetting, 10 lightening image, 127-128,144 Lightjet 5000 printer, 280, 295-298 Lightness channel, 113-114 line drawing coloring, 205-209

Find Edges filter approach to, 200-201 grayscale digital photo, making from, 200 overview of, 199 painting, 208-209

"pen and ink" sketch, creating with watercolor wash, 211-215 Poster Edges filter approach to, 202-203 Smart Blur filter approach to, 203-205 link creating, 315-316 testing, 317

Load Channel as Selection button (Channels palette), 132

Load Selection dialog box, 80

Luminosity blend mode, 172

Luminous Landscape Web site, 103

Lyon, Ian, 286

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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