■ Choose Layer ^ Flatten Image.

■ To minimize image size, click the Square Marquee tool and drag a selection marquee around all the images. Choose Image ^ Crop to crop the image.

■ To save as an optimized .jpg file to be used on a Web page, choose File ^ Save For Web (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S) to get the Save For Web dialog box. Select the JPEG Medium setting and click Save. Name the file and save it in an appropriate folder.

The image is now a mere 52KBs and is ready to be placed on a Web page. Figure 29.2 shows how the image looks in an Internet browser after an HTML editor has been used to add a title. If you had to create such an image, each week, for weekly action photos, you would simply need to open the collage mask and drag and drop images — it is that easy.


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