Special Effect 2: Enhance Colors And Add Warmth

If you are a traditional photographer who enjoys using filters when you shoot photos, then you'll love the digital versions that can be found in nik Multimedia's (www.nikmultimedia.com ) nik Color EfexPro! Complete Collection, which has a total of fifty-five photographic filters for enhancing or stylizing any

photo. The names of some of the filters are shown on the menu shown in Figure 41.5.

B/W Conversion,,, Bicolor Filter: Brown... Bicolor Filter: Green/Brown... Bicoior Filter: Moss,.. Bicolor Filter: User Defined,,, Bicoior Filter: Violet/Pink,.. Brilliance/Warmth,,, Classical Blur... Color Stylizer... Contrast Filter: Blue,,, Contrast Filter: Cyan... Contrast Filter: Green... Contrast Filter: Magenta... Contrast Filter: Red... Contrast Filter: Yellow,,, Contrast Only.,, Contrast Only.,, Contrast Only.,, Darken Center... Duplex,,,

Graduated Oh (Gray),,, Graduated 201 h (Sky Blue),,, Graduated 213h (Dark Blue)... Graduated 220h (Blue)... Graduated 32h (Orange),,, Graduated 335h (Red),,, Graduated 33h (Coffee),.. Graduated 354h (Blood).,, Graduated 38h (Warm Yellow), Graduated 51h (Yellow).., Graduated 94h (Moss)... Graduated User Defined,.. Ink..,

Lighten Center,,, Midnight (blue),,, Midnight (green),,, Midnight (sepia)... Midnight (violet),,, Midnight..,

Monday Morning (blue),,. Monday Morning (sepia).,, Monday Morning (violet),.. Monday Morning,,, Old Photo... Polarization... Skylight Filter,,. Sunshine (quick)... Sunshine,..


Sqvg Load Help m&k cancel ok

Image is 1600 * 1200 pixel at 72 dpi. Printing at 22.22 x 16.67 inches. __ Virtual memory: Image is segmented into 63 blocks. O Acceleration: On. ^ Image mode = RGB.


The dairy farm photo shown in Figure 41.6 was changed into the one shown in Figure 41.7 by applying two filters, making a minor adjustment with Levels, and then applying the Unsharp Mask.

Figure 41.8 shows the dialog box for the Brilliance/ Warmth filter, which was used to strengthen the golden glow of sunset. Sliders control both Brilliance and Warmth. To increase the saturation of the blue sky, the Graduated 201h (Sky Blue) filter was used. Figure 41.9 shows the dialog box for that filter. This filter offers four sliders that allow control over the rotation of the horizon, the opacity of the blue filter, where the blue color begins to blend, and the strength of the blend. This gives you far more control than you have with traditional filters that fit on camera lenses.

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