Step 10: Make Final Image Adjustments

The image is nearly complete. At this point you can change hue and saturation by using the Hue/ Saturation command, you can adjust overall tonal range with Curves or Levels, or apply any other effects to complete the image as you'd like it.

■ Add brush stroke effects by choosing Filter >-Artistic ^ Dry Brush to get the Dry Brush dialog box shown in Figure 34.13. Set Brush Size

to 2, Brush Detail to 8, and Texture to 1. Click OK to apply the effects.

■ If you would like to tone down the brush effects, you can choose Edit ^ Fade Brush Tool (Shift+Ctrl+F) to get the Fade dialog box shown in Figure 34.14. Reduce the Opacity to 40% and leave Mode set to Normal. Click OK to apply the settings.

■ As the intent is to get an overall orange sunset glow, select the Soft Round 300 Pixels brush. Click the Swatches palette to select Pastel Yellow Orange and also use Light Yellow Orange later. Set Opacity in Options bar to 15%; paint over areas to soften them.

■ If there are any brushstrokes that need blending, use the Clone Stamp tool to remove them.

■ Make slight adjustments to levels to increase contrast to suit your own taste.

There you have it! A digital painting created from two digital photos! While there were lots of steps and many colors were used, this was not actually a painting as there were no detailed brush strokes required. If you want to, you can go back and pick different brushes and actually paint this image with brush strokes — rather than soft colors that blend with the background photos.

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