Step 1: Download And Install Colorlife Photo Paper Color Profile

■ If the Epson 1280 ColorLife 2880 2 color profile is not already installed on your computer, you can get the profile and download instructions for various operating systems on the Epson Web site. To find out if the correct profile has been installed, choose File >- Print with Preview to get the Print with Preview box shown in Figure 44.2.

If there is not a check mark in the box next to Show More Options, click in the box to display more options.

Click in the Options Type box to select Color Management if it is not already selected. Click in the Profile box in the Print Space area to get a pop-up menu such as the one shown in Figure 44.3. Scroll up or down as needed to determine if a profile is named Epson 1280 ColorLife 2880 2. If you find it, click it to select it and then click Done. If you do not have the correct profile, click Done and then carefully select and download the most recent ColorLife Photo Paper profile for your printer and operating system from the Epson Web page on the downloads and support page. Or, you may type in the following Web address to get to the page, too. hardware/printer/inkjet/pho890/ index.html. After downloading the files, follow the directions contained in the download files and in the installation program to install the profile and repeat this step to select the profile.

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