Step 1: Download Calypso's Lightjet 5000 Icc Color Profile

In order to get a print from Calypso that matches the image on your screen, you must have a properly calibrated monitor and the color of your image file must be converted to the appropriate ICC color profile for the media you want. To learn more about how to calibrate your monitor using Adobe Gamma, read Technique 5.

■ To get Calypso's Lightjet 5000 ICC color profile, go to In the left frame, click Colorsync Profiles. In the frame on the right, you find both PC and Mac profiles. Click the appropriate profile to begin downloading a ZIP file containing three color profiles; one for gloss, matte, and super-gloss paper. Additional files may be added when new media becomes available and on occasion, new profiles are substituted for those listed here.

■ After the files have been unzipped, they need to be copied to the appropriate directory for your operating system. If you are using Windows XP, use Windows Explorer to locate and open the folder where the unzipped files were saved. Press Ctrl while clicking each of the three files to select them all. Right-click on one of the files to get a pop-up menu; choose Install Profiles. Windows XP automatically installs the color profiles for you. If you are running another operating system, the color profiles need to be copied into the appropriate folder. For Windows 95,98, and ME, use the Windows\System\Color folder, for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 use the Windows\ System32\Color folder, for Windows XP use the C:\windows\system32\spool\ drivers\color folder,for Mac OS 8-9 use the System Folder: Color Sync Profiles (ColorSync 2.5) folder,and for Mac OS X use the Home/Library/ ColorSync/Profiles folder.

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