Step 1: Load Action

On the Companion CD-ROM you find an action set that contains two actions: one for creating Web images and one for creating 4" x 6" 240 dpi prints. After opening this action set, you can select the action you want and run it on as many images as you like.

■ If the Actions palette is not showing choose Window ^ Actions. To reset the Actions palette, click the menu button in the Actions palette (the small triangle in a circle icon in the upper-right

|J Actions \


f 1


n One-Hour Processing

|> 1-hour processing 640 x 640 Web images


1-hour processing 4" x 6" £40 dpi prints

1 1


-1 JJ


corner) and choose Clear All Actions from the pop-up menu. Click OK when presented with a dialog box asking if you want to delete all actions.

■ You are now ready to load the One-Hour Processing action set. Assuming that you copied files from the Companion CD-ROM as suggested in the Introduction, you can load the Action set by clicking the menu button in the Actions palette and choosing Load Actions to get the Load dialog box. After locating the \07 folder, choose the file named One-Hour Processing.atn. Click Load to load the action set. The Actions palette should now look like the one shown in Figure 7.3 with one action for 640 x 640 Web images and one for 4" x 6" prints.

If you plan on using these Actions often, you may want to copy the One-Hour Processing.atn file to the /Adobe/Photoshop 7.0/presets/Photoshop Actions folder.

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