Step 1: Straighten And Crop Image

This photo has been mounted onto a piece of thin leather. So, the first challenge is straighten the image and to crop the image to just the photo.

■ Choose File ^ Open (Ctrl+O) to display the Open dialog box. Double-click the \10 folder to open it and then click the grandfather-before.tif file to select it; Click Open to open the file.

■ To straighten the image, click and hold on the Eyedropper tool icon in the Tools palette to get a pop-up menu; select Measure tool. Click on the image in the upper-left corner of the photo and drag a line down to the bottom-left corner of the photo while keeping the line parallel to the edge of the photo.


■ Choose Image >- Rotate Canvas ^ Arbitrary to get the Rotate Canvas dialog box. You will notice that there is a value in the Angle box. This is the amount of rotation that Photoshop 7 has determined is needed to straighten the image. Click OK and the image will be straightened.

■ Now click on the Crop tool (C) in the Tools palette. If there are values in the Width, Height, or Resolution boxes in the Options bar, click Clear. Click just inside the upper-left corner of the edge of the photo and drag the marquee down and to the right to the corner of the photo to select the entire photo. To save time editing the edges of the photo, click on a selection handle to move the selection marquee if needed to avoid selecting any dark edge or part of the leather the photo has been mounted on. Press Enter to crop the image. Your image should now look like the one shown in Figure 10.3.


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