Step 1:open File And Remove Color

■ Choose File ^ Open (Ctrl+O) to display the Open dialog box. Double-click the /32 folder to

■ The preview box in the Smart Blur dialog box shows white lines on a black background. Click the preview window and drag and drop it around until you find an area on a bottle where you want to make sure you have the right level of detail. Begin sliding the Radius and Threshold sliders around until you get enough detail in the image — but not too much. After you have a setting that works, drag and drop it around the rest of the image until you have the right level of detail in all parts of the image.

■ Try using a Radius setting of 5.0 and a Threshold setting of 20.0. Click OK to apply the settings.

Using 5.0 and 20.0 as the settings for Radius and Threshold produces a line drawing with as few lines as is needed to outline the bottles and some of the ingredients. Increasing the Threshold setting increases the number of lines and adds increasing detail to the drawing. Depending on the desired effects, a higher setting can create an even more visually interesting line drawing — more of a sketchy sketch than a mere line drawing.

■ Invert the white lines on a black background image by choosing Image ^ Adjustments >-Invert (Ctrl+I).

After applying the Smart Blur filter, you have an excellent line drawing, as shown in Figure 32.10. This drawing has very fine lines and can be used as a sketch to begin a painting or other kind of artwork.

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