Step 2: Add Image

■ Choose File ^ Open (Ctrl+O) to display the Open dialog box. Double-click the /27 folder to open it and then click image2.jpg (a door image) to select it. Click Open to open the file.

■ Arrange your workspace so that you can view the background image, plus image2.jpg or whatever image you have just opened. Click the Move tool (V) in the Tools palette. Click the image2.jpg image and then drag and drop it onto the background image to make it a new layer in the background image file.

Alternatively, you can click the Background layer in the layer palette while the image2.jpg is the active image and drag and drop it onto the back-ground.jpg image to create a new layer.

■ After an image is loaded as a layer on the back-ground.jpg image, you can close it to conserve on memory.

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