Step 2: Create Slices

■ Click the Slice tool (K) in the ImageReady Tools palette, which is shown in Figure 50.4.

■ If the image is not zoomed to 100%, choose View ^ Actual Size (Ctrl+Alt+0); viewing the full-size image makes it easier to use the Slice tool.

■ Using the Slice tool (K), click the upper-left corner of the black and white thumbnail image and drag the selection marquee box down and to the right until you surround the entire image, as shown in Figure 50.5. If your selection marquee is not

perfect, you can click one of the selection handles and drag the marquee to where it ought to be to make it perfect! You have now created your first slice and the image should now look like the one shown in Figure 50.6.

■ As you may have guessed, you now need to do the same thing to each of the other images that need to be linked. To make some of your later work easier, I suggest that you create slices for all the images in a sequential clockwise fashion. Do not be concerned that other slices are being created (meaning that the numbers for the slices increase faster than you select thumbnail images), as these automatic extra slices are necessary; but, you don't need to be concerned about them. You can tell the difference in what you created and what ImageReady created; user slices are indicted by solid lines, and the automatically created slices are indicated by dotted lines.

■ After you create all the slices for the thumbnails that need links, your image should look like the one shown in Figure 50.7.

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