Step 2: Load 2.0 Plug-in

A downloadable trial version of buZZ.Pro 2.0 is available at, or you may visit www.\50ps7\plug-ins. htm to get a clickable link to the download page and to learn more about many other Photoshop 7 compatible plug-ins.

■ After installing buZZ.Pro 2.0, choose Filter >-buzzPro ^ buzz.Stack to get the two interdependent dialog boxes shown in Figure 39.3 and Figure 39.4.

■ To begin the simplification process, click Simplifier Two in the Available Effects box in the Custom dialog box to select it; click the Add button to add the effect to the Current Stack. The buzz.Pro 2 preview dialog box should now look similar to the one shown in Figure 39.5. Click in the preview image to drag the image to the left corner of the roof.


■ Slide the Remove Large and Add-back Small sliders all the way to the left. Begin sliding the Remove Large slider toward the right until the preview image is simplified as much as you want. Try using a setting of 96.

To add back some of the important small detail, slide the Add-back Small slider toward the right. A setting of 5 is a good setting to use.

■ Click in the preview image once again and drag the image around to view the effects on the important parts of the image. Make sure the settings that you choose are good settings for the roof, the eaves, the orange daylilies, and the white flowers in the foreground.

■ To add contrast click Bright/Contrast in the Available Effects box in the Custom dialog box; click Add> to add that filter to the Current Stack. The Custom dialog box should now look like the one shown in Figure 39.6 and the buzz.Pro 2 dialog box should look like the one shown in Figure 39.7. Slide the Brightness slider to the right to get a setting of 15. Slide the Contrast slider to the right until it shows 40. These settings increase the brightness and contrast levels of the image. Click OK to apply the settings.

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