Step 2: Repair Long Vertical Fold Line

The upper-right corner needs to be created, so you'll have to create more paper to fill in the missing parts! Before we begin that task though, it is best to first fix the areas around the missing corner so that we may clone in the missing corner.

■ One tool that you can use to fix the vertical fold line is the new Patch tool, which you can select by clicking on and holding the Healing Brush tool in the Tools palette. After getting a pop-up menu, choose Patch tool.

■ Click and drag a selection marquee around part of the fold line as shown in Figure 10.4. Click inside the selection marquee and carefully drag it to the left where there is a very similar part of paper. When you let go of the mouse button, the fold will be gone! Do this several more times until you have fixed most of the fold down to the man's shoulder.

■ There is one more tiny fold line that runs horizontally just under the missing corner. Use the Patch tool to fix it too. When you have finished, remove any selection marquee by choosing Select ^ Deselect (Ctrl+D).

that you click to the left of the missing corner and then click the same distance down from the top to begin cloning. Click often and reset your clone source so that you don't end up with two parts of the paper that have exactly the same stain!

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