Step 2: Run Web Photo Gallery

■ Choose File ^ Automate ^ Web Photo Gallery to get the dialog box shown in Figure 48.4.

■ Click in the Styles box to get a pop-up menu listing 11 different Web page styles. If you click any one of these styles, a small thumbnail image displays on the right side of the dialog box. This thumbnail shows how the completed Web page looks. So that textual information from the image files can be displayed, choose Horizontal Blue & Gray after clicking in the Styles dialog box.

■ If you want to display a clickable e-mail address, click in the E-mail box and type an e-mail address. This address shows in the upper-left-hand corner of the Web page.

In the Folders area in the Web Photo Gallery dialog box, you specify the folder where to store your original images and a folder where you want to place all the gallery images, thumbnails, and HTML pages.

■ Assuming that you copied the files from the Companion CD-ROM as recommended in the

Introduction, click the Browse button to get the Browse For Folder dialog box shown in Figure 48.5. Click in the \48\photos folder and click OK. You have now set the source folder.

■ To set the folder where to save the images, thumbnails, and HTML files, click the Destination button to get the Browse For Folder dialog box. After finding and clicking the \48 folder, click the \gallery folder. Click OK to set the folder as the destination folder.

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