Step 3: Create Link For Each Slice

Now that you created slices for all the thumbnails that need links to other Web pages, you need to type in the URL for each link. You have two easy ways to do this. You can either open the Rollovers palette (Figure 50.8) and then sequentially click each thumbnail to select a slice, or you can click the Slice tool in the Tools palette and wait until you get a pop-up menu, and then click Slice Selection tool. Using the Slice Select tool, you can then click each thumbnail in the image to select a slice. In either case, the goal is to sequentially select each image that needs to be linked, and then type in the appropriate URL in the Slice palette.

■ Using the Slice Select tool (to select it click it in the Tools palette and wait for a pop-up menu and then select Slice Select tool), click the black & white image to select it.

■ If the Slice palette is not open, choose Window ^ Slice to get the Slice palette shown in Figure 50.9. Type linked-page.htm in the URL box. A Web page called linked-page.htm is in the \50 folder. This process allows you to test your links and see how easy it is to create image slices.

■ Select each slice in a clockwise fashion. To make it easy to enter linked-page.htm in the URL box in the Slice palette, you can click the down-arrow at the right side of the URL box and select it from the list of recently used URLs — how easy can it be. Plus if you type the link correctly the first time, you won't make an error. Life is good! Continue on until you have linked all the slices.

You're now done. Just save the image and the ImageReady-created HTML code and you're ready to test it in a Web browser.

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