Step 3: Crop And Size Image

■ To crop the image to the proportions of an 11" x 14" print, click the Crop tool (C) in the Tools palette. Type 11 in in the Width box, 14 in in the Height box, and 150 in the Resolution box in the Options bar.

Entering 150 in the Resolution box resizes the image to the Lightjet 5000's minimum recommended dpi setting and after the Crop command is applied, the image is up-sampled as well as cropped.

■ Choose View >- Fit on Screen (Ctrl+0) and click the maximize icon in the upper-right corner or the image window if the document window is not already maximized. Click just outside the bottom-right corner of the image and drag the Crop marquee up and to the left to include as much of the image as possible.

■ To move the Crop marquee up to include more space above the iris, press the up-arrow to move up one pixel at a time or press Shift and the up-arrow to move the selection marquee up 10 pixels at a time.

■ After you select the part of the image that you want, click the check mark in the Options bar or press Enter to crop the image and to resize it as well.

■ The image should now be 1650 x2100 pixels, which is 150 DPI for an 11" x 14" print. To view this information, choose Image >- Image Size to get the Image Size dialog box. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

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