Step 3: Increase The Width Of The Lines

■ To make the lines darker and wider, choose Filter ^ Artistic ^ Poster Edges to get the Poster Edges dialog box shown in Figure 32.11. Set Edge Thickness, Edge Intensity, and Posterization to 10,0, and 0 and click OK to apply the settings.

The results of applying the Poster Edges filter are shown in Figure 32.12. If you want even thicker and bolder lines, apply the Poster Edges filter once or twice more.

□ 100% |+J
Edge Thickness 10

Edge Intensity



■ Make the lines even bolder so that they look like they were created with a marker. Choose Filter ^ Brush Strokes ^ Dark Strokes to get the Dark Strokes dialog box shown in Figure 32.13. Try using a setting of 5,6, and 2 for Balance, Black Intensity, and White Intensity respectively, which results in the image shown in Figure 32.14.

■ Now save your image to your hard-drive as you use this drawing a little later in the technique. Save it as bottles-rough-sketch.tif.

If you don't get the results you want from any of these find edges filters, I suggest you investigate the possibilities of the Trace Contour, High Pass, and Glowing Edges filters.

Okay — enough of these line drawing techniques. Now we can use the rough sketch that we just created and digitally hand paint it to add some color.

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