Step 3: Make Final Adjustments

■ After making a few additional adjustments with Levels and Hue/Saturation to suit my taste, the image looks like the one shown in Figure 39.8. Now, try making your own adjustments by using Levels and Hue/Saturation to suit your tastes.

■ To add the final touch, use the Photoshop 7 Text tool to add a signature.

buZZ.Pro 2

Effects Options fL m

Sinnplifier Two Remove Large


Add-back Small

Light/Dark/^ oth

Brightness ! Contrast Brightness

140 -H Reset

Because of the way that buZZ.Pro 2.0 simplifies images; it can be used to create very large high-quality images. Figure 39.9 shows an image of some mountains in Sedona, Arizona, that were taken with a Nikon 950 digital camera. The original image was a mere 1600 x 1200 pixels. Using the Photoshop 7 Image Size command, the image was increased to 3840 x 2880 pixels — a 31.6MB image, which when printed at 240 dpi makes an excellent 16" x 12" print.

Besides creating painted effects, buZZ.Pro 2.0 can also be used to create various line or ink drawings.


Stacking the 19 different filters in different combinations and in different orders allows you more flexibility than you need. Some experimentation is required, but with some time, you can create some very nice effects. When you get a combination of filters that you like, you can save them as a Stack so that they can be easily applied again. You can also use one of the 16 preset Stacks that come with the software.

Segmentis offers several other products similar to buZZ.Pro 2.0. You may learn more about them on their Web site at




ir Balazsky


© 2002 Peter Balazsky


ir Balazsky


© 2002 Peter Balazsky


Peach Gloss Lips and a Tear

Nikon 8008s film camera mounted on a tripod, 105mm Nikon lens, Scotch-Chrome-CS-1000 slide film, ISO 1000, f/8 @1/125,2,048 x 3,075 pixel Kodak Photo-CD file was edited and reduced to 1,200 x 1,500 pixels, 5.4Mb .tif

Wacom, the pen tablet maker, and Nik Multimedia, Inc., a maker of special effects filters, teamed up to create penPalette — a wonderful set of photographic effects which can be selectively applied to any image with a Wacom pen tablet. In this technique, you will work with one of Peter Balazsy's superb portraits. After first converting the color image to a black and white image, you will increase contrast in selected parts of the image, apply a color tone to the image, and paint some color onto the lips.

To complete this technique, you must have penPalette installed and one of the Wacom pen tablets. Unfortunately, no trial versions are available for the penPalette. However, if you already have a Wacom tablet, you may qualify for a free penPalette or you may purchase one from the Nik Multimedia Web site at:

If you want to try the Nik Multimedia filters, you can download trial versions from their Web page and they all work well with an ordinary mouse if you don't have a pen tablet. As for me, I'm hooked on using a 6" x 8" Intuos 2 Graphics Tablet. It is a tool that you will want to have if you plan on using Photoshop 7's new brushes and if you frequently find yourself painting on layer masks as shown frequently in the techniques in this book. Yes, you can live without a pen tablet by using a mouse, but if you try one — you'll want one, as it is the best tool I know to get you dodging and burning better than any traditional darkroom printer!

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