Step 3: Run Print Preview

■ Choose File ^ Print with Preview (Ctrl+P) to get the Print dialog box shown in Figure 42.3. To position the image, click in the Top box and type

1; make sure inches is shown to the right. Then click in the Left box and type 2.5; once again, make sure inches is shown in the box to the right. You now positioned the image 1" from the top and the right side of the page, as shown in the preview window in the Print dialog box.

■ To add the caption already contained in the image file, you need to place a check mark in the box next to Caption. If a check mark is not next to Show More Options in the middle of the dialog box, click in the box to show more options. Make sure Output is shown as the Options type. Click in the box next to Caption to place a check mark if one is not already there.

While the Print dialog box is open, it is worthwhile to note that you may want to use a couple of other useful features. Background enables you to select a background color. Border lets you set the size of a border should you want to print one around the image. Clicking next to Corner Crop Marks causes the Print feature to print small marks on each of the four corners of the image. These marks are very useful if you need to accurately cut an image from a page and the image has a white or very light-colored background. You can also place a check mark in the Labels box if you want to add Labels (for example, file names, dates, and so on) to the printed page.

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