Step 3: Run Smartupload

■ After launching SmartUpload, locate the folder that contains the images that you want to print in the Explorer-like window on the left side of the application window. The SmartUpload application


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window looks similar to the one shown in Figure 46.3.

■ Click the lacrosse photo to highlight it and to select it to be uploaded.

■ Click the Upload button or choose Upload >-Upload to Shutterfly (Ctrl+U) to get a sign-in dialog box.

■ If you have not previously signed up for the service, click the Sign Up! button and answer the questions. Otherwise, click Sign In to get the Choose Album.You are then given the choice of creating a new album or using an existing album. To make a new Album, type in the name of the album in the New Album box and click Upload. You then get an Upload progress dialog box that shows how many pictures that you have selected to upload and an estimate of how long it will take to upload your pictures.

■ After your images have uploaded, a dialog box appears asking if you want to view your pictures at Shutterfly; click Yes to view your images on a Web page similar to the one shown in Figure 46.4.

Shutterfly has created and uses a proprietary image processing system called VividPics. VividPics reads the metadata (embedded information/EXIF data) in an image file to see if it can identify what kind of digital camera was used and what settings were used so that Shutterfly printers can make the prints with the best sharpness, clarity, and consistency of color. If you upload unedited photos straight from a digital camera, VividPics can read this metadata and use it to make better photos than you would get from a system that does not have a similar kind of feature. However, if you have spent time editing your images with an image editor such as Photoshop 7 and then you save the file — not only will you loose the metadata, but you probably do not want the VividPics feature to make more corrections to your already corrected images. In this case, you should turn the VividPics feature off.

■ To turn off VividPics, you first must select the photo or photos that you do not want VividPics to further enhance. To do so, click the box below the lacrosse photo. Then, click the Enhance button at the top of the Web page. Toward the right side of the new Web page, you find four tabs; click Effects. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you see a box next to Do not apply any automatic corrections to my pictures, as shown in Figure 46.5. Click in the box to turn off VividPics.

■ To specify order details, scroll back to the top of the Web page and click Order Prints. Click the

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Order Prints button on the right side of the Web page to get a Web page similar to the one shown in Figure 46.6. Here you can indicate how many prints you want made in each of the four available sizes for each image. You can even see how the image will be cropped when selecting different sizes by clicking Preview. ■ After specifying the quantity of each size you want to print, continue with the ordering process by clicking the Select Recipients button to specify the address where the photos are to be sent. After selecting a mailing address, continue on to Checkout to complete your order.

Ordering dozens or even hundreds of photos is just as easy as ordering a single photo, as shown in this example, which makes the Shutterfly service a good choice for event photographers.

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