Step 3: Save Color Settings

You are now done and your Color Settings dialog box ought to now have the settings shown in Figure 6.3, with the exception that if you are using a Mac, you'll have a Gray Gamma 1.8 setting for Gray in the Working Spaces area.

■ To save your Color Settings, click Save to get the Save dialog box. Photoshop 7 automatically opens the color settings folder, which you ought to use as it allows you to easily select your settings file as it will be displayed along with the built-in settings.

■ Use a file name that allows you to determine that it is your custom setting and when it was created. For example, I used gg01-10-02-ps7book.csf to identify the settings I used for this book. The date lets me see when I created the settings.

■ After you click Save, you get the Color Settings Comment dialog box shown in Figure 6.4. This dialog box allows you to add comments to further help you identify the purpose of the color settings file. After adding some descriptive text, click OK to save the file.

I grant you that you may have had to take my suggestions with a fair bit of trust. However, these settings will be pretty close to what you ought to have for editing and printing digital photos on consumer level printers. For those of you who want to learn more, I suggest that you consult one of the following resources.

■ Ian Lyon's excellent Web site at www.

■ Photoshop 7 Artistry — Mastering the Digital Image, by Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler.

■ Real World Photoshop 7by David Blatner and Bruce Fraser.

That's it for the Photoshop 7 boot camp! If you have gone through each of these techniques in step-by-step fashion, you are ready to do any of the other techniques in the book in any order that you choose. Once you complete all of, or even most of, the remaining techniques, you will have the skills needed to survive and even thrive in the exciting new world of digital photography armed with the most powerful image-editing tool on the planet — Photoshop 7!

Color Settings Comment | X |

The comment entered here will appear in the Description area of the Color Settings dialog when this setting file is selected.

1 OK |

Enter your comment here:

| Cancel |

Settings used for PS 7 Techniques book



Six of the seven techniques in this chapter are basic techniques that you can use on just about all digital photos. Technique 7 offers a couple of Photoshop 7 actions that help you to quickly edit images, whether it be one image or several folders of images. These actions are as quick and as good as most one-hour photo-processing services, offering editing speed and reasonably good results.

If you want to learn advanced techniques that give you superior results, then Techniques 8 through 10 will show you how to perform much more sophisticated editing, which generally result in far superior images. The next two techniques cover the important topics of removing noise and grain, and sharpening digital images. The final technique shows you a few of the many ways that you can add, edit, or view additional information about your images. Without a good understanding of all of these techniques, your images can be — the best they can be.


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