Step 3: Size Image

■ Choose Image >- Image Size to get the Image

Size dialog box, as shown in Figure 44.4. Click in the box next to Constrain Proportions if a check mark is not already there. Type 240 in the Resolution box. 240DPI is a good minimum DPI setting to use for the Epson 880/1280 printers. Type 10 in the Height box and the Pixel Dimensions at the top of the image now shows that the image is 11MB and that it was 11.6MB. This adjustment is good, for we down-sampled the image slightly to make an excellent 6.688" x 10" print. If you want a full 8" x 10" print, you first have to crop the image and then increase the image size to make the width be 8". Click OK to size the image.

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