Step 3: Use Blend Mode To Unify Color And Texture

If you look at the 17 images that are available in folder \27, you will find that they are quite different in terms of color, focus, texture, and tonal range. To avoid having to make a multitude of adjustments on each image so that they can all be combined to look like they are part of the same building, a blend mode will be used to pick up color and texture from the background.jpg image.

■ To blend image2.jpg with the background.jpg image so that it picks up the color of the background.jpg image, click in Blend mode box in the Layers palette to get a pop-up menu; choose Luminosity as the blend mode.

Using the Move tool, you can click the image2. jpg layer and drag it around on the background image. Notice how it picks up the underlying color and textures. Place image2.jpg where you want it before going on to the next step.

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