Step 4: Blend Layers

In the Background layer, we now have an image created with the all-too-common Poster Edges filter. On the Background copy layer, we have an image created with the Cutout filter. Now blend them to get a hybrid that keeps most people guessing as to how it was done.

■ Click the Background copy layer in the Layers palette to make it the active layer. Click the Blend Mode box and choose Lighten as the blend mode. Reduce Opacity to about 60%.

The image now looks entirely different. Try other blend modes and vary the Opacity setting. By doing this, you get a good idea of the vast number of combinations that you can get. After you find a blend mode that you like, you can get the exact effect you want by adjusting the Opacity. Should you want, you can even add a third or fourth layer and another filter or two to the stacked layers.

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