Step 4: Draw Around Pelican

The Extract tool is simple to use; you draw around the edge of the object that you want to remove, and then fill the interior of the object with paint and Extract removes all the background leaving just the object.

■ Click the Edge Highlighter tool (B).

■ In the Tool Options box on the right side of the Extract dialog box, you find a box next to Smart Highlighting; click in it to turn on Smart Highlighting, which helps you find strong edges.

■ Carefully trace around the pelican with the Edge Highlighter tool. When needed, you can click the Zoom tool (Z) to increase the size of the image. To reduce the image size, press Alt while clicking the image with the Zoom tool.

■ If the Edge Highlighter tool's paint color blends in with the image, select another color by clicking the box next to Highlight and select a color that offers more contrast with the background.

■ When using the Edge Highlighter you can change the size of the brush by typing a new size in the Brush Size box or by clicking in the Brush Size box and dragging the slider to choose a new brush size. As you are using the Edge Highlighter to straddle the edge of the targeted elements, you may sometimes find that a larger brush makes this task easier. Use a small brush for hard edges and a large brush for softer edges.

■ To move the image around in the workspace, use the Hand tool (H).

■ If you make a mistake while painting with the Edge Highlighter tool, click the Eraser tool (E) and erase the misplaced highlighting.

■ When the entire pelican has been selected, click the Fill tool (G) and click inside the pelican. The image should now look like the one shown in Figure 26.4.

■ If you decide that you want to start over, press Alt and the Cancel button will turn into a Reset button; click the Reset button and you will be back where you started.

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