Step 4: Using Undo And Step Backward/forward

What do you think of the results? Not quite right for sure. I like the notion of using a blur, but Motion Blur might be a better blur. Also we need to lighten the background image so that the ornament stands out from the background. To do that, we must back up two steps and then apply the Motion Blur filter. There are several ways to go back, but first try using Undo.

■ Choose Edit ^ Undo Blending Change (Ctrl+Z) and the blend mode is set back to normal. Now we need to go back one more step and undo the Radial Blur filter.

If you were to once again choose Edit ^ Undo (Ctrl+Z), you would find that the menu now reads Edit ^ Redo Blending Change (Ctrl+Z)! In

Photoshop 7, the Undo feature is merely a last step only undo-redo feature — it cannot undo more than the last command. If you want to step back more than one step, you have to use another approach.

■ Choose Edit ^ Redo Blending change (Ctrl+Z) to re-apply the blend mode.

■ This time, we step back two steps by choosing Edit ^ Step Backward (Alt+Ctrl+Z).Now the blend mode has been undone. Choose Edit >-Step Backward (Alt+Ctrl+Z) one more time and the Radial Blur is removed. We are now back where we want to be.

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