STEP 4:Transform Second Layer Into A"Pen And Ink"SKETCH

The next step is to turn the pen-ink layer into a pen and ink sketch. While most Photoshop experts use and recommend the Find Edges filter to make line drawings, I find I usually get much better results with a hidden option in the Smart Blur filter. The results as you'll see can be quite outstanding.

■ Click the pen-ink layer to make it the active image.

■ Choose Image ^ Adjustments ^ Desaturate (Shift+Ctrl+U) to remove all color.

■ Choose Filter ^ Blur ^ Smart Blur to once again get the Smart Blur. This time, set Quality to High and Mode to Edge Only.

Finding settings that show the vertical lines on the columns while not adding too many lines around the flowers is important. To do this, click in the preview box inside the Smart Blur dialog box and drag the preview image until you see the column.

■ Try setting Radius to 25 and Threshold to 35.

Click OK to apply the settings. Have patience as the Smart Blur filter can take some time to process.

■ You may be surprised to see what now looks like white lines on a black ink scratchboard, but this is okay — choose Image ^ Adjustments ^ Invert (Ctrl+I) and you see black lines on a white background sketch, as shown in Figure 33.7.

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