Step 5: Add Glow

■ To finish the effect, the image needs a glow to give it the look of a real infrared photograph. Because the filter you are using to create the glow requires that the Background color is set to White, set the Background color to White in the Tool palette, if it is not already White by pressing D. Choose Filter >- Distort ^ Diffuse Glow to get the Diffuse Glow dialog box shown in Figure 24.4. Infrared film is pretty grainy, so set Graininess to 6. Set Glow Amount to 4 and Clear Amount to about 15. Click OK to apply the settings and your image looks like the one shown in Figure 24.2 — a real infrared-looking photo!


Photo and Shutterbug magazines with his business partner, Larry Berman, they both continue to create and sell their photographs at juried art shows across the country and create Web sites for other artists. Their Web site at contains a tremendous amount of useful information and a multitude of photo galleries, including several featuring infrared photography.

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