Step 5: Adjust Colors Of Leaves

The image is looking pretty good now. Don't you think so? You have not yet even touched Hue/Saturation and you have a very dark, rich-colored image thanks to the Multiply blend mode. Being one of the curious types, I now want to see if we can do anything to further improve the image with Hue/Saturation. First, see what we can do with the leaves.

■ As you saved the selection that you made earlier for the leaves, you can now reapply it by choosing Select ^ Load Selection to get the Load Selection dialog box shown in Figure 9.12. Click in the Channel box and select leaves and then click OK to apply the selection.

■ So that we can later make changes to the settings, use another adjustment layer by choosing Layer ^ New Adjustment Layer >- Hue/Saturation. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box to get the Hue/Saturation dialog box.


■ Slide the Hue slider left to -11 to make the leaves more orange. Also reduce the Saturation to a -10 setting as well. Click OK to apply the settings.

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