Step 5: Convert Profile To Calypso Lightjet 5000 Color Profile

■ To convert color to the Calypso Lightjet 5000 color profile that was downloaded in Step 1, choose Image >- Mode ^ Convert to Profile to get the Convert to Profile dialog box shown in Figure 47.4. Click in the Profile box to get a popup menu. You find three profiles named starting with "CILJ5"; these are the three Calypso Lightjet files. Select CILJ5FujiCDGloss_3_27_01 to select the glossy media profile.

Make sure Engine is set to Adobe (ACE) and that Intent is set to Perceptual. Use Black Point Compensation and Use Dither should both be switched off.

■ Click OK to convert the profile.

Your file is now ready to be written to a CD-ROM or other removable storage media and be sent to Calypso or be uploaded to the Calypso FTP Web site. Please visit the Calypso Web site to learn more about what storage media is acceptable to Calypso, about getting an FTP site set up for your image files, and additional ordering information. Also, feel free to e-mail Michael Chambers at Calypso to ask questions and to request that an FTP account be set up for your use. His e-mail is [email protected]

To get more recommendations and tips on how to get Lightjet 5000 prints, visit the book's Companion Web page at\ 50ps7.

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