Step 5: Remove Some Lines And Make The Rest Black

You are just about done; you need to remove some lines and all the unnecessary background must go.

■ Click the Eraser tool (E) in the Tools palette to select the Eraser tool. Click in the Options box to select the Hard Round 19 Pixels brush. Carefully erase a path of the unwanted dots all around the outside edge of the objects.

■ Click the Lasso tool (L) in the Tools palette to select the Lasso selection tool.

■ Click and drag the selection marquee around the objects where you just erased a path.

■ After the selection is complete, choose Select ^ Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I) to invert the selection.

■ Choose Edit ^ Cut (Ctrl+X) to delete all of the remaining unwanted dots in the background.

You can see the results of this technique in Figure 32.8.

open it and then click the bottles-before.tif file to select it. Click Open to open the file.

■ Choose Image ^ Adjustments ^ Desaturate (Shift+Ctrl+U) to remove the color from the image.

We can use the Brightness/Contrast or Levels filters to adjust the contrast in the image; however, use it as it is. This image is an especially good one to use to create a line drawing, as it requires little work to get excellent results.

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