Step 5: Using The History Palette

If you happened to watch the History palette, you would have noticed that each time you used the Step Backward command in the prior step, the History palette showed that you backed up one history state each time. The steps after the current history state are now grayed out.

Another approach and perhaps the easy way to go back one or more steps is simply to use the History palette.

■ Click the Free Transform state in the History palette (see Figure 4.8) to make it the current state, as it was the last state where we were happy with the results.

■ Now choose Filter ^ Blur ^ Motion Blur to get the Motion Blur dialog box shown in Figure 4.9. Set Angle to - 7 degrees and Distance to 60 pixels, and then click OK to apply the blur.

As soon as the Motion Blur filter was applied, all the states in the History palette past the selected state immediately vanished. Now you have seen how you can move forward and backward in the History palette as you please — checking to see the image as

it was at each step. After you have gone back where you want to be, you can then continue to edit your image, and a new set of history states is created from that point on. Note for the one command that caused the old history to disappear, you have one chance to Undo and go back to that previous future.

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