Step 5:view Image And Test Links

■ Using Windows Explorer, open the \50 folder and double-click the link-graphic.html to load it in your default Web browser. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, your Web browser should look similar to the one shown in Figure 50.11.

■ As you move your cursor across any of the thumbnail images that have been linked, the cursor changes to a hand cursor indicating a clickable link is there. Click a linked thumbnail and you are taken to linked-page.htm where you can click to return to the link-graphic.html page. If you created and linked all the slices correctly, you should be able to click each image that is associated with a text title and get linked-page.htm.

While we have done all of this work in ImageReady 7, getting the same results by using just Photoshop 7 is also possible. Photoshop 7 offers considerably fewer features for creating Web graphics than does ImageReady 7 so that is why we used ImageReady. As you gain experience with ImageReady 7, it will be your choice for Web image creation. Should you want to try completing this technique in Photoshop, you need to enter the URL in the Slice Options dialog box shown in Figure 50.12. To access this dialog box, click the Slice Options box that you find in the Options bar after you select the Slice Select tool in the Tools palette.

My hope is that you have learned how to create image maps and that you will create one for your own Web photo gallery. If you do, and you'd like to share your work with other readers of this book and visitors to the companion Web page, then, please send an e-mail with a link to [email protected]

You have now reached the end of the last technique and the end of the book. I hope you have enjoyed the techniques and the digital photos that you used to

Save Optimized is

Save Optimized is

complete the techniques. If you have any questions about these techniques, ideas for new techniques, comments about how one or more of them may be improved, or you have some work you would like to share on the Companion Web page, please send me an e-mail — I would enjoy hearing from you. I may be reached at [email protected] com. Good-luck on your images and may the light be with you!



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