Step 6: Adjust Background Colors

■ Load the leaves selection by choosing Select ^ Load Selection to get the Load Selection dialog box. Click in the Channel box and select leaves. Click in the box next to Invert to invert the selection and then click OK to apply the selection. This selects everything but the leaves that you selected earlier.

■ To create one more adjustment layer choose Layer >- New Adjustment Layer ^ Hue/Saturation. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box to get the Hue/Saturation dialog box.

■ Slide the Hue slider left to +8 to make the blue a little bluer. Increase Saturation to a +10 setting. Click OK to apply the settings.

At this point, your Layers palette should look like the one shown in Figure 9.13. You have a background layer, a Curves adjustment layer for the entire image except the leaves, and two Hue/Saturation adjustment layers, one for the leaves and one for everything but



1 Layers \ I

1 Normal V

Opacity: 100M ►

| Lock: £ Fill: 100M ►

m 0






Hue/Saturation 1

i» r|



* ■ . Curves 1



the leaves. You can now go back and double-click any of these adjustment layers and modify the settings. Because you also saved the selection for the bright orange foreground leaves, you can select the leaves, or everything but the leaves, so that you can make further adjustments. This is an excellent example of the power of adjustment layers and saved selections.

I suggest that you now save your image with all the Alpha Channels and Layers intact by choosing File >-Save As (Shift+Ctrl+S) to get the Save As dialog box shown in Figure 9.14. Click in the Format box and select Photoshop (*.PSD) Photoshop ( * . psd , *.pdd). Make sure check marks are on for the Alpha Channels and Layers boxes in the Save Options box at the bottom of the Save As dialog box. After selecting an appropriate folder and entering the file name, click Save to save your file. Saving your file allows you to go back at any time and make changes as you desire.

The image now looks very different than the one you started with. It may not yet have a unicorn, but other techniques in this book can surely help you insert one if you are lucky enough to get a photo of one.

Save As


Save in:


- O & * Hi



My Recent Documents


My Documents

My Computer

File name:

3672-9 fg0301.psd v

f Save |

My Network


Photoshop (".PSDj'.PDD] v

[ Cancel J


; Options


O As a Copy

0 Alpha Channels

0 Layers


□ Use Proof Setup: Working CMYK

0 ICC Profile: adobe

M Thumbnail

0 Use Lower Case Extension

0 0

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