Step 6: Color Lips

■ The final step is to add a small amount of color to the image. Click the Colorize button in the penPalette to get the Colorize filter dialog box shown in Figure 40.8. Click in the Filter Color box to get the Color Picker dialog box shown in Figure 40.9. Type 182 in the R box, 104 in the G box, and 104 in the B box to select a suitable peach colored gloss lipstick color; click OK to return to the Colorize filter dialog box. Set the Opacity Filter to 75%. Click OK. ■ Click in Brush Preset Picker box in the Options bar to select the Soft Round 17 Pixels brush. Now carefully paint the red color the lips. Once the lips have been painted click the Apply button in the penPalette to apply the filter effects.



If you are not happy with the color of your painting, you can click the Discard button and start all over. Close the penPalette by clicking on the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the dialog box. Your image should now look similar to the one shown in Figure 40.10.

You can learn more about Peter Balazsy and his wonderful work in the profile at the end of Technique 22.

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