Step 7: Adjust Rgb Gamma

■ Click Next and uncheck the box next to View Single Gamma Only. The dialog box should now have a red, green, and blue box, as shown in Figure 5.7, allowing you to adjust each color independently. The goal here is to adjust each of the three sliders so that the center box fades into the patterned frame, thereby removing any color imbalance in the monitor.

While it seems easy, it takes some practice especially with the green, which seems a little more difficult than


the other two. If you squint your eyes and turn your head slightly, you should be able to repeatedly set each of the three sliders in the same position each time. Adjusting does take practice, so try it a few times for each color until you have some confidence that you are setting them correctly. If you are way off, you'll know it and you can have another go at it! Sometimes looking away from the screen then back helps, too.

■ If you are using Windows, set Gamma to Windows Default and the value of 2.2 will be displayed. Mac users should choose Macintosh Default and use the value of 1.8.

correctly itself. If your monitor allows hardware white-point settings (usually accessed via an onscreen menu controlled from buttons at the bottom of the display), then check to see that this setting matches the setting of your monitor.

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