Step 7: Flatten Image And Make A Few Final Adjustments

■ When you are happy with the image, save it as a .psd file with the Layers box checked so that you can go back and make further changes to the layers if you choose. Then, choose Layer ^ Flatten image.

■ You can now treat this newly created image as an original photo. Create adjustment layers for Levels, Curves, and Hue/Saturation; use the Unsharp Mask to sharpen the image or make changes to the color by using one of the many color adjustment tools of Photoshop 7. Figure 27.2 shows the results of increasing contrast and slightly adjusting colors by using Hues/Saturation. I confess that I got carried away with this image and did about a half-dozen different prints. Try making a few of your own and do experiment with the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer as the Blend mode does some really cool stuff with the rusty background layer.

Don't let this funky image of a home fit for a gargoyle make you think this technique is not particularly useful — as it is. You can use this same approach to create a photomontage of sporting

events, family events, or just about any combination of images that you want to add to one image. It does take some patience and time as making a flawless montage is not easy, but the technique is!

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