Step 7:adjust Colors

I think the image is looking pretty good, but I'm keen to see if we can improve it with Hue/Saturation. What about you?

■ Click the Background layer in the Layers palette to make it the active layer.



display the Levels dialog box. Click and drag the middle slider toward the left until the middle Input Levels box shows 1.06, as shown in Figure 8.17. This small change lightens the image slightly. ■ Click in the Channel box in the Levels dialog box and select Green (Ctrl+2) to display the Green histogram. Click the middle slider and drag toward the left until the middle Input Levels box shows 1.05. The orange tone is reduced just a bit and the few greens in the background are now greener, which is okay. ■ Click OK to apply the settings.

You now have experienced firsthand the value of adjustment levels. If you want to make further adjustments to the Curves used on the dark feathers, the Hue/Saturation, or Levels used on the background, you can — by simply clicking the appropriate adjustment layer in the Layers palette (Figure 8.16) and making your desired changes.

The eagle now looks much more like the eagle I remember sitting on a nest at the North Carolina Raptor Center one cold fall morning. Now all it needs to look like the image shown in Figure 8.2 is some sharpening. To learn more about sharpening an image, read Technique 12.

If you save this image as a PSD file, all of the layers will be saved and you can at any time make further adjustments to the settings. Or, you can flatten the image and save it in any format that you choose.


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