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NC Magic Tree Farm Canon EOS D30 digital camera, f/2.8 28-70mm @ 34mm, ISO 100, Fine image setting, f/16 @ 1/20, 3917 x 1495 pixels, 16.8MB .tif

Figure 30.1 shows a digital photo that was created by digitally stitching together five photos that were taken with a digital camera on a tripod. Each photo was overlapped about one-third and then combined into a single image by using Enroute PowerStitch software, which is no longer available. You can achieve the same digital stitching effect by using the Photomerge feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Shot in the early afternoon, the bright blue color of the sky dominates the image. Our objective for this image is not insignificant — to turn the image into an after-dusk image with a rich orange sunset color and a magical tree just to add a bit intrigue.

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