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Having either iCorrect Professional 3.0 or iCorrect Edit Lab 2.0 available to correct images will undoubtedly help you dramatically improve most images — quickly. However, both of these products make global changes to the entire image and yet, many images have problem areas that need a different set of adjustments from the rest of the image. One particularly common problem is if one or more parts of an image are under-exposed relative to the rest of the image. So, take a look at a quick solution to this kind of problem image. Applied Science Fiction, the makers of the Digital Ice technology found in some of the leading scanners, created Digital SHO to automatically optimize contrast and exposure. It is an excellent tool to fix problems caused by blacklit subjects or when important details are hidden in shadow, such as is the case with the lily photo we will use now. When the photo was taken, the entire lily and the surrounding area was entirely in shadow, and because the exposure was set to show detail in the flower itself, the darker areas of the photo show little detail. The goal is to keep the detail in the lily, make more of the detail in darker areas show, while making sure that no color cast is introduced.

To learn more about Digital SHO and to get a free downloadable trial version, visit: www.picto. com\50ps7\ plug-ins.htm to get a clickable link to the Applied Science Fiction Web page and read any notes and updates about this and many other Photoshop 7 compatible plug-ins.

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