Using Contact Sheet Ii

While we are on the topic of printing multiple images on a page, the Contact Sheet II feature should be mentioned. Contact Sheet II is a Photoshop 7 feature that allows you to print small contact images or thumbnail prints of every image in a folder (or even sub-folders) along with the file name. Figure 42.6 shows the Contact Sheet II dialog box and Figure 42.7 shows a printed page. These contact thumbnail sheets make excellent indexes for image archives either in printed form or as an image saved digitally.

1 I



Raptor-01 .jpg Raptor-02.jpg Raptor-03.jpg


m 11



Raptor-05.jpg Raptor-06.jpg Raptor-07.jpg


H y


Raptor-09.jpg Raptor-10.jpg Raptor-11.jpg Raptor-12.jpg

Raptor-09.jpg Raptor-10.jpg Raptor-11.jpg Raptor-12.jpg



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